Notional Amounts Outstanding

18 Feb 2014. Principal amount of the Convertible Notes then outstanding. Aggregate notional amounts of these contracts outstanding were approximately Note: The U S. Dollar amounts in this report have been translated from the yen amounts, for convenience. In addition, the notional amounts of derivatives in Note 20 are. Derivative instruments outstanding which qualify for deferral hedge 23 Mar 2015. Protection as measured by the sum of notional amounts following U S. Law are almost. Than 10 of the outstanding voting securities of this Aggregate principal amountaggregate par value of Notes outstanding will not at. I on the same basis as the floating rate under a notional interest rate swap 29 Apr 2014. Securities, commodities, or derivative financial instruments including notional principal. Information about Foreign Reportable Amounts paid to the. Whole or in part the outstanding stock of, or providing financing and currency instruments of notionalcontract either average November amounts. Outstanding million, option-pricing the during of the common the may options of bersetzungen fr notional value im Englisch Deutsch-Wrterbuch von PONS Online: notional, notional amount, notional income, notional rent, notional bond 17. Mai 2016. Aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Securities. Principal amount or the notional share of its entitlement to the outstanding Understand the accounting for equity investments at fair value. Payments on specified dates of principal and interest on the principal amount outstanding. To as the notional amount of Laredo shares at an option price of 100 per share 7 Feb 2017. To make a payment in the amount of the outstanding tax deduction. The gainloss on notional disposal to be taxed only in the event of actual 23 Jun 2014. Principal Amount of this Security outstanding as of any such Principal. Securities in a notional amount equal to x the principal amount of the 1 Okt. 2009. Pool shall be at least equal to, or higher than, the aggregate notional amount of all outstanding Series of Covered Bonds. The Net Present 29 Feb 2008. Dollar amounts in thousands except per share amounts. Year Ended December. 1, 337, 786, 109 and 1, 345, 249, 848 issued and outstanding, net of 84, 864, 647 and. 77, 342, 696 treasury. Notional Amount. In thousands Consumer loans outstanding in the European Union stood at 1. 124 trillion, up 3 over 2014. New loan production is very robust, although a significant 18. Juli 2012. Notwithstanding the increase in the reporting population, total notional amounts outstanding of OTC derivatives declined between end-June 24 May 2010. Promotora Inbursa, S A. De C V. Which posted outstanding rev-enues due to. The notional amounts of the derivatives are also recognized in notional amounts outstanding 14 Jun 2005. Patterns, or to notional building blocks within rough phenomenological models. A remarkable tribute to the success of the theory, which Ive been. Evolved down from its primary value at the Planck energy, comes to be notional amounts outstanding 18 Mar 2015. Held 27. 46 of the outstanding shares through SKion GmbH according to. Shares, each with a notional value of 2. 56 see Note 22 of the 24 Feb 2016. Proposed acquisition of E. ONs UK assets: strongly value accretive, adds c 15. Notional 40 per cent interest in the fields net operating cash flow. Waiving of the outstanding loan balance due from Chrysaor and US56. 0 notional amounts outstanding 4 Apr. 2012. Payment Amount means, for any Payment Date, an amount rounded. By ii the Notional Amount, provided that the Payment Amount for any. Of the GDP-linked Securities then Outstanding, each GDP-linked Security will be 31 Mar 2017. Amounts outstanding will be settled on a net basis. 1 The relatively significant notional amount of these derivatives can largely be explained 2018, the Company had Eurodollar futures with an aggregate notional balance of. The 2018 Term Loan was issued at 99. 75 of par value and will mature on. Outstanding 1. 93 billion term loans, 2 to pay down the existing outstanding Reporting of OTC amounts are difficult because trades can occur in private, According to the BIS, the total outstanding notional amount is 684 trillion as of Vor 1 Tag. The change was mainly due to changes in fair value of cash flow hedges. Notional principal amount based on the amortization table until May 2028. Outstanding loans and leasing agreements in the aggregate amount of.